Hubert Waldner

I met Art Farmer in his house here in Vienna in 1985. He was married to an Austrian woman. She worked at the Bank at the UNO City here, where my wife (at that time) also used to work. So I simply asked him if he would be ready to record some rather pop-jazz music.

Saxophonist Hubert Waldner (left) and Art Farmer in Farmer’s Vienna home ca. 1995 (photo courtesy Waldner)

My group at that time was named HYPERSAX and I had planned to do my first LP recording near Vienna, in Drassburg, Burgenland. It’s about 60 km from Vienna, heading southeast. The studio there was not finished yet, so I got the chance to try it out. They had no experience with my music therefore, it did not cost me any studio time. The owner was my co-producer.

Working with Art was so easy and cool. He was a gentle man, a very sensitive musician. You did not have to say much about what he should or could play. I just let him decide. The result was great.

So, after a few years I made another CD with HYPERSAX called β€œLittle Fishermen.” This was in 1995-1996.

After I had my playbacks on tape, I thought that Art could do another solo, so same thing: I found out that he was here in town, drove to the 18 district, to Diwaring Gasse, entered his apartment and we talked about my plans. A few days later, we went to the studio, this time in Vienna. From this recording session I also have video recordings. Some of that material is on YouTube.

[Saxophonist/vocalist/guitarist/composer/educator Hubert Waldner was awarded the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art on October 22, 2018.]