A Great Day in Harlem featuring the Art Farmer Quintet – “A Unique Evening of Film and Jazz”

Publicity Brochure. A Great Day in Harlem Tour organized by IMG Artists, in cooperation with Castle Hill Productions, Inc. and Film Producer Jean Bach. At each stop on the tour, the documentary film A Great Day in Harlem, in which Art Farmer was interviewed, was presented. Then, the Art Farmer Quintet walked out onto the stage and performed live – So the audience could see for themselves that “Jazz Lives On!” The band included Art Farmer, flumpet; Ron Blake, saxophones; Ted Rosenthal, piano; Kenny Davis, bass and Yoron Israel, drums.  There were many “stops” on “A Great Day in Harlem Tour. These shown in Memorabilia are a representative sample.

The 1994 documentary film A Great Day in Harlem is a movie about what happened on the summer day in 1958 when Art Kane, Art Director for Esquire, summoned all jazz musicians to appear at 10 AM at a brownstone at 17 East 126th Street in NYC for a group photograph. Fifty-seven musicians showed up. Kane’s 2-page photograph “A Great Day in Harlem” appeared in Esquire January 1959. In the photo, Art Farmer is standing at the top of the stairs. The photo inspired Jean Bach, radio producer of New York, to produce the film A Great Day in Harlem in 1994, and it was nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1995. Thirty musicians were interviewed including Art Farmer. The interviews, the original 8 mm film by Milt Hinton and archival performance footage were carefully woven together to produce the film. Co-producer: Matthew Seig; Editor Susan Peehl; Narrator Quincy Jones. Written by Jean Bach, Susan Peehl and Matthew Seig. See the brochure available here for more information.


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