Gerry Mulligan: I Want to Live Soundtrack

Title: The Jazz Combo from “I Want to Live!”
Artist: Gerry Mulligan
Format: LP 12″     Label: United Artists     Cat. Num.: UAL 4006/UAS 5006     Rel. Year: 1958

03:31 05/24/1958 Black Nightgown (Johnny Mandel)
06:52 05/24/1958 I Want to Live (Main Theme) (Johnny Mandel)
03:51 05/24/1958 Night Watch (Johnny Mandel)
04:40 05/24/1958 Frisco Club (Johnny Mandel)
04:37 05/24/1958 Barbara’s Theme (Johnny Mandel)
05:11 05/24/1958 Life’s a Funny Thing (Johnny Mandel)

Gerry Mulligan (ldr), Art Farmer (t), Frank Rosolino (tb), Bud Shank (as, f), Gerry Mulligan (bar), Pete Jolly (p), Red Mitchell (b), Shelly Manne (d), Johnny Mandel (arr)