Art Farmer’s Instruments

This is a work in progress. If you have information about the horns and mouth pieces that Art used, please contact us.

Trumpet: Martin Committee Trumpet

Flugelhorn Original Kanstul 1525 designed by Flip Oakes

Flugelhorn Kanstul Burbank with Copper Bell – Art’s name is etched inside

Dimitri Matheny owns this horn now (yr 2001). Dimitri tells this story: “The two (Art Farmer and Zigmat Kanstul) of them cooked up this idea to use the valves he liked from one horn, the lead pipes from another and the bell from another. They basically put together this Frankenstein monster of a flugelhorn that I now play.

What they came up with is something with a really rich, beautiful tone, but it has a lot of strange intonation issues. It’s hard to play it in tune. It’s not just pick up and play… I keep it clean and pay attention to the valves. I had a little body work done recently just to take some dings out and improve the intonation.”

Flugelhorn: 50’s French Besson Brevette with English Besson valves Made in France with a number 4 mouth piece – this was Art’s favorite flugelhorn

“You can try 10 different #4’s and each will sound different. A mouthpiece is just a thing that connects the musician to the horn. It has to fit just right. You can spend your entire life looking for the perfect mouthpiece. I know guys who do. It’s better to spend your time looking for the perfect notes.” Art FarmerDownbeat 1988  [see more quotations from Art Farmer]

Flugelhorn: a large bore Benge

Flugelhorn: Cuesnon

Mouth pieces: Al Cass Flugel mouth piece

Trumpet: David Monette

Flumpet – designed by David Monette for Art Farmer

Decorated Flumpet – Monette B7 F (F for Farmer) designed by David Monette and his staff for Art Farmer

Art Farmer's Decorated Flumpet 2.png
By Monettetrumpets – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link