Art Farmer’s 90th Birthday Celebrated in Montclair, NJ

Event: Friday, August 17, 2018, 6-7:30 PM, Montclair, NJ

The 90th birthday anniversary of Art Farmer (actually August 21, 2018) was celebrated at the Montclair Public Library when Noal Cohen and Lynne Mueller presented a curated listening session entitled “Let’s Listen to Art Farmer.” This was part of Seed Artists monthly series of jazz events held at the library.

Cohen and Mueller spoke about Farmer’s life, approach to improvisation and significance in the jazz legacy. Twelve musical selections were played covering 1952-1988 and comments on each were provided to an audience of about 35.

Noal Cohen
Lynne Mueller

The musical program:

  1. “That Ole Devil Called Love” – Art Farmer Quartet, September 1960 (Art, Argo LPS 678)
  2. “Farmer’s Market” – Wardell Gray Sextet, January 1952 (Wardell Gray Memorial, Volume Two, Prestige PRLP 7009)
  3. “Up in Quincy’s Room” – Art Farmer Septet, July 1953 (The Art Farmer Septet, Prestige PRLP 7031)
  4. “‘Scuse These Blues” (excerpt) – Art Farmer, Clifford Brown and the Swedish All Stars, September 1953 (Clifford Brown Memorial Prestige PRLP 7055)
  5. “A Night at Tony’s” – Art Farmer Quintet, May 1954 (When Farmer Met Gryce, Prestige PRLP 7085)
  6. “Blueport” (excerpt) – “New” Gerry Mulligan Quartet, December 1958 (What Is There to Say, Columbia CS 8116)
  7. “Mox Nix” – Art Farmer Quintet, September 1958 (Modern Art, United Artists UAS 5007)
  8. “Serenata” – The Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet, February 1960 (Meet the Jazztet, Argo LPS 664)
  9. “Rue Prevail” – Art Farmer Orchestra conducted by Oliver Nelson, September 1962 (Listen to Art Farmer and the Orchestra, Mercury SR 60766)
  10. “Loads of Love” – Art Farmer Quartet with Jim Hall, August 1963 (Interaction, Atlantic 1412)
  11. “Cocodrilo” – Art Farmer Quintet featuring Jimmy Heath, September 1970 (From Vienna with Art, MPS (Ger.) 15064)
  12. “Fairytale Countryside” (excerpt) – Art Farmer Quintet featuring Clifford Jordan, February 1988 (Blame It on My Youth, Contemporary 14042)
Left to Right: Lynne Mueller, Noal Cohen, Peter Bodge, Chris Napierala


A similar program will be presented at The University of the District of Columbia:
September 12, 2018, 7 PM
Recital Hall (Performing Arts – Building 46-West)
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008