Art Farmer Memorial Tribute


Descriptions of Photos and Credits for Photo Collage for Memorial Tribute
(Right to Left from top to bottom)

• Art Farmer receiving National Endowment for the Arts Award. Pictured are Billy Taylor, Art Farmer and Bill Ivey. Photo: L. Mueller
• Art Farmer wearing his 2 awards from Austrian government Photographer: L. Mueller
• Art Farmer letting a young fan play his horn at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, Illinois Photo: L. Mueller
• Great Day in Harlem – Art Farmer at the top of the stairs. Photo: Art Kane
• Baby pictures of Art Farmer and his twin brother, Addison Farmer
• Art Farmer and Addison Farmer as young boys

• Art Farmer at his surprise 71st Birthday party at Saint Peter’s Church Living Room – August 20, 1999. Left to right: Michael Weiss, Bruce Hopewell, Art Farmer, Jimmy Owens and Chico O’Farrill.   Photo: L. Mueller
• Art Farmer at Monette Inc. Portland Oregon being presented by David Monette and his team with the first flumpet. Art in center with staff surrounding Art. David Monette is at the right in the photo.
• Young Art Farmer in Mexican costume with sombrero.

• Art Farmer’s Decorated Flumpet by David Monette, Inc. Includes symbols to represent various trumpeters.
• Art Farmer performing with Fritz Pauer at the American Embassy in Vienna, Austria in April 1999.
• Art Farmer performing at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, Illinois. Kenny Davis, bassist. Photo: L. Mueller
• Art Farmer signing autographs for his young jazz fans at the Jazz Showcase. Photo: L. Mueller
• Art Farmer and Addison Farmer as teenagers performing with their jazz band in Phoenix, Arizona area at Valentines gig.
• Art Farmer on trumpet as teenager performing at another event in Phoenix, Arizona area. Photo: State Photo Service, Phoenix, Arizona