Art Farmer Dialogue Day at William Paterson University

On March 10, 2020, an Art Farmer Dialogue Day was held at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. At this 4 hour event, 10 ensembles made up of students in the WPU Jazz Studies Program, performed music associated with the great trumpeter/flugelhornist/flumpeter Art Farmer. The performances were then critiqued by faculty members and fellow students. Bill Charlap, Director of Jazz Studies, was the moderator.

Here is the program:

  1. Organ Ensemble (No. 10) directed by Vincent Herring: Tyler Greengard, Alex DeLazzari (tenor saxophone), Will Gorman (organ), Peter Hunter (guitar), Hank Allen-Barfield (drums) performing “Killer Joe” by Benny Golson.
  2. Chamber Jazz Ensemble (No. 17) directed by Geoff Keezer: Tyler Greengard (tenor saxophone), Caelan Cardello (piano), Matt Holmes (bass), Hank Allen-Barfield (drums) performing “Soul Eyes” by Mal Waldron.
  3. Organ Ensemble (No. 5) directed by Mike LeDonne: Jon Gittings (trumpet and first recipient of the Art Farmer Jazz Master Scholarship), William McKee (tenor saxophone), Spencer Zweifel (organ), Ryan Hernandez (guitar), Joe McCaffrey (drums) performing “Mox Nix” by Art Farmer. See photo below.
  4. OP (Oscar Peterson) + 1 Ensemble (No. 9) directed by Bill Charlap: Patrick Gannon (alto saxophone), Elliot Bernard (piano), Matt Holmes (bass), Joe McCaffrey (drums) performing “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” by George Bassman and Ned Washington.
  5. Keith Jarrett Ensemble (No. 16) directed by Bill Charlap: Yu Nishiyama (soprano saxophone), Spencer Zweifel (piano), Ron Gardner (bass), Adam Kneebone (drums) performing “Farmer’s Market” by Art Farmer.
  6. Bill Evans Ensemble (No. 2) directed by Bill Charlap: Nick Arrechea (piano), Nick Sagnetta (guitar), Curren DeVico (bass), Adam Kneebone (drums) performing “I Love You” by Cole Porter.
  7. Chamber Jazz Ensemble (No. 22) directed by Steve LaSpina: Ben Kean (alto saxophone), Nathan Bell (tenor saxophone), Ellie Lee (piano), Ron Gardner (bass), Caroline Moore (drums) performing “Stupendous-Lee (Au Tabou)” by Gigi Gryce.
  8. Booker Little Ensemble (No. 12) directed by Jeremy Pelt: Andrew Wagner (trumpet), Griffin Ross (tenor saxophone), Nick Arrechea (piano), Noah Flint (guitar), Griffin Fink (bass), Alberto Oliart (drums) performing “Ponsu” by Art Farmer.
  9. Chamber Jazz Ensemble (No. 11) directed by Bill Goodwin: Chloe Borthwick (vocal), Katrina Kleinmann (alto saxophone), Isaac Ketter (tenor saxophone), Quintin Harris (piano), Trey Pisano (bass), Indrojit Chatterjee (drums) performing “Whisper Not” by Benny Golson.
  10. Post-60s Ensemble (No. 19) directed by Dayna Stephens: Griffin Ross (tenor saxophone), Caelan Cardello (piano), Griffin Fink (bass), Jahian Cooper-Monize (drums) performing “Woofin’ and Tweetin” by Art Farmer.

Prior to the concert, Lynne Mueller and Noal Cohen answered questions about Art Farmer from WPU students and faculty. We are grateful to Dr. David Demsey, Coordinator of Jazz Studies, for the invitation to participate in this uplifting event.

Here are some photos from the Event (photos by Lynne Mueller and Noal Cohen):

Left-to-right: Ryan Hernandez, Spencer Zweifel, Jon Gittings (Art Farmer Jazz Master Scholarship recipient), Joe McCaffrey, William McKee
Left-to-right: Quintin Harris, Trey Pisano, Chloe Borthwick, Katrina Kleinmann, Isaac Ketter, Indrojit Chatterjee (hidden)
Indrojit Chatterjee
Left-to-right: Nick Arrechea, Noah Flint, Griffin Fink (hidden), Griffin Ross, Andrew Wagner, Alberto Oliart (hidden)
Left-to-right: Ellie Lee, Nathan Bell, Ron Gardner, Ben Kean, Caroline Moore
Left-to-right: Nick Arrechea, Griffin Ross, Noah Flint, Griffin Fink, Alberto Oliart, Bill Charlap