The Website Team

Lynne Mueller – Team leader and manager of; significant friend and manager to Art Farmer in the last years of his life; jazz concerts and events planner.

Amanda Holloway – Graphic designer of the website banner; Holloway Graphic Design.

Noal Cohen – Compiler of The Art Farmer Discography (with the assistance of Michael Fitzgerald); Consultant to the Art Farmer Project; Jazz discographer and historian; Co-author of Rat Race Blues: the Musical Life of Gigi Gryce.

Tad Hershorn – Photo archivist for; Retired Public Services Librarian and Archivist at Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University-Newark, New Jersey.

Steve Albin – Website developer for; Author of BRIAN, the discography compilation software used to create the Art Farmer discography on this site;  Contact Steve for affordable website design using WordPress.